Notes, 1926

“When I was seven years old – we traveled in a 1926 Studebaker car like this.
There were seven of us children all about one and a half years apart, and little Baby Ray six weeks old in a canvas bed swinging from the inside of the seven passenger car.
Mom & Pop and one of the children taking turns in the front seat with them.”


7 thoughts on “Notes, 1926

  1. Hi Joanne, What I have read so far is wonderful! I can hear Auntie Eleanor telling these stories as I read. I love how you have organized her “Nothing Book”.
    I hope you don’t mind, but, one correction, though, in the above story, Uncle Ray’s name is Raymond, not Bobby Ray.

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    1. Hi Bev, I am very happy to hear from you! I got handed this baton because I’m an author and blogger. But this is a big responsibility, as it’s Granma’s and I want to do it right. I had some questions for the family.
      Ronnie doesn’t love me, she hasn’t answered my questions 🙂
      Nor has Uncle Eddie! He doesn’t know me.
      Can you help with this? I will need your feedback, I promise. I regard this as Granma’s blog. Her ‘nothing’ book is a treasure. Right now, it’s been shared with the world, and she’s been getting lots of likes and people following her blog. But what I need is to know when to make stuff private. Can I ask you when needed? Or can you ask Granma? Please give her my love.
      How is Aunty June? We think about you all often and wish we lived closer.
      Love from NZ, Jo & Bert


      1. Yes, absolutely. I will give what input I can. I’m not too good about reading my email on a regular basis, but, I will try to do better 🙂

        Granma (Auntie Eleanor) doesn’t talk very much anymore. She usually acknowledges us, but that is about it. She is on morphine now, as she has a very painful open bedsore. And she is totally bedridden and cannot even turn herself. Mom/Aunty June and I visit her every Saturday for about an hour or more. We used to be able to get her to talk about the old days. But, not anymore. I’ll sing to her. Mom will pat her on the shoulder. And we both will make small talk to her.
        Aunty June lives with depression and anxiety,as you probably know. Each of those maladys take their turn being hard on her. The only day she is even interested in leaving the house is Saturday. That is her day to get her hair done and visit her sister. The rest of the week she refuses to leave the house except to go to the doctors (which she dreads).
        But, when she isn’t in bed, and she feels up to it, she will do a few chores about the house, watch her TV, and will read some books I get her the library.

        Again, I think your blog about Auntie E’s Nothing Book is wonderful. You are doing a great job.
        Think about you all much!
        Love from the USA

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  2. Hi Bev,
    You are welcome. Thanks for being on the team for this 🙂
    I’ll email you later with a message for Granma about who’s following her blog, hoping it will lift her spirits. It’s another frantic Friday at work but I will email as soon as my weekend starts.
    Love from NZ


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