Page 6, The Victrola

We were the first family in town to have a Victrola (hand crank.)  I remember as a little girl, Pop buying it for Mom one Christmas and he had to bring it from the train station on a sleigh.

What fun we all had with the Victrola.  I remember Mom & Pop rolling the rug up in the parlor weekends, then many friends and relatives would visit and dance.

We children would sit at the top of the stairs and watch.



Then on Sunday Mom would dress the six of us (not Pop) and go to Church. Pop would stay at home and read the funnies. Were we ever well-behaved – it’s true everyone said so – Mom and the six young ones would sit in a pew close to the front.

We went to Church until I was five or so, then Pop decided to travel.  When I was seven years old a new baby was added (surprising he is 65 years old now.)  I loved to hold him and I dropped him a few times.

See Notes, 1926



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