Page 8, Arizona

Did I ever tell you about the time we went to Arizona?  It was so hot that often we would sleep out on a blanket on the ground.  We all woke up in water – they irrigated the land. 

Flat ironI don’t remember much about Arizona but that I wanted to go barefoot – but the ground was too hot.  Oh yes, it was in Arizona where the flat-iron fell on my head and made a split in it.  That accounts for the way I am now, what do you think?

One year Pop decided to go, Mum decided to stay.  Pop found another woman.  End of happy times for we kids!

Grandma -Page 8,9

Page 9

I was usually a pretty good little girl. I did have a few fights with my sister, the one that was a year and a half older than I.

One day she would not help me separate the laundry so I just grabbed her by the dress and kept pulling. I ripped that dress right off her. It must have been rotten cloth, but it was her favorite dress.

When I was 14 years old all one summer I had to do all the house cleaning and cooking, and take care of my baby sister 2 years old and nephew 2 years old. We ate a lot of tomato sandwiches and macaroni.


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