Page 10, taking care of the house, minding the children

All my sisters at one time or another took care of the house.  One sister was so neat and clean we couldn’t walk on the floors after she mopped them or we would get a frying pan over our head.  When it was my turn I just didn’t mop the floor.

One day as I was supposed to be watching my little sisters and nephew I went to sleep under the apple tree.  When I awoke they were romping on the flat roof over the porch – they crawled out the bedroom window.  When I went to get them they started to run, almost went over the edge.  That taught me a lesson.  So many years later when I took care of so many little children I kept a good watch on them – they thought I had eyes in the back of my head.

Jesus loves the little children.

Cheshire Inn and South Street, Cheshire, Mass. (1908)

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