Page 12, 13 Baseball, burlap and forgetfulness

baseball-activities-2.jpgIn 1991 I became addicted to baseball, it didn’t matter what team – just as long as it was a game.  But now 1992 I watch the Braves, even catch myself talking to the players.  I’m not too good at knowing fouls or strikes yet – so I do not approve of the umpire’s calls always. I think I should have a hatchet.

I was a pretty good little girl but I did try smoking when I was about nine – we made mega cigarettes out of burlap bags and newspaper.  Don’t let my great grandkids see this.  Oh well, where can one find burlap bags in this day and age anyway?

Will someone tell me why it is always easier for me to try to open doors just the opposite way of what they are meant to work, or why I can’t remember faces?  No-one remembers names – but faces!  It is pretty embarrassing when for three Sundays in succession, “is this your first time visiting our church?”

Don’t talk about my poor spelling after I die – just laugh, ha ha.



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