Page 16,17 The mis-adventures of Edward

Dennis the menace 1When Edward was about four I took him into a Goodyear store.  He walked over to a rack of fish poles and pushed them over.  Embarrassing. 

Do you remember Edward the day you walked up to the large cement flower-pot and pushed it over and the people that owed it sent me a bill?

vintage-wooden-icebox-1Do you remember the day you tipped an old wooden ice box over on you and you lived?

Do you remember when you went up the steps leading to the roof of the house next door and fell down either from the roof or high step landing about four inches from a steel stake and you lived?  You did turn blue though.

Do you remember the time you tipped the little gas range over and you ended up covered with bacon grease and coffee grounds?

All this under five.

Good Year Store

I leave the rest of this page after I think of something nice.  If I don’t think of one thing before I die – you fill it in.

But when you reached 40 years you did get to be loving, kind thoughtful honest and good.

Praise the Lord.

Granma -Page 16,17

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