Page 22 The cellar

When I was a little girl we had a cellar.  In the fall we would put all our veg in the dark cellar.  It was just a dirt floor in those days.  We would store barrels of apples and pears from our trees – carrots, cabbages, potatoes, beets and all the canned fruits and Mouseveg, then in a special pantry in the house, we stored flour, cornmeal, and plums in big crocks.

We sure ate good all winter, the dark cellar was real dark, no lights in those days.  One day I grabbed a mouse when I went to get an apple, did I ever scream.

Walking with Mom

When I was about four I remember that Mom would take me for a walk through the cemetery, then we would come home and have bread and milk for lunch.  Then Mom would play the piano. 

I often wonder where my brother Floyd was – he was just one year to the month younger than I.  I can’t ever remember him being with us – all my other sisters and brothers were in school.  Those were happy times.  But where was Floyd?

Cheshire cemetery
Cheshire Cemetery.

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