Page 24,25 Entering the workforce

woman workI had never been out in the working world in my life so here at 48 (in 1967) I am a widow and must work.  I enjoyed my work as a nurse aide.  I took several short courses at Junior College. 

One Christmas after working only two mornings at Majestic Towers I was handed an envelope with my Christmas Bonus.  After counting over $200 I took it back and told the director she made a mistake and gave me all the help’s bonuses.  She laughed and said, “it’s all yours Eleanor, go take a cruise and have a good time.”  How naive can one be at 50 years old?

For never being out in the world I was quite brave, I did go to Michigan and went on many job interviews, even into the wealthy areas, but did feel out-of-place being called a Nanny, so went to work for the Pratt family, a red-headed girl 8, boy 10, and their Dad.

While in Michigan I got my High School Diploma and entered Junior College.  Bobby saw my curriculum and thought I should take something easier.  I was going to cancel the next day but thought, I have nothing to lose even if I fail the courses.  I made B’s and C’s. 

Boy did I have to study though. I didn’t do so well in learning Bridge or driving a car.  Maybe one isn’t supposed to learn everything after 50 or 60.



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