Page 31, June


What I let out

It happened so often lately because of my hearing – I let the cat out of the bag this time.

Stephen came to take June to his house (for a surprise birthday dinner.)  He said, “Can I use your phone?”

I thought he said, “Are you going?”

I said “No I don’t celebrate birthdays” – so he caught on that his wife was doing something for his birthday.


What I pulled in

June always wears the house key on an elastic around her waist.  When she first moved in with me she was unlocking the door with the key still around her. 

I heard her coming so was opening the door from the inside and was pulling her in as I opened it.  She did not have time to release the key from the keyhole – and it was still around her waist!

Note: June is Eleanor’s sister

Grandma -page 31


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