Page 35,36 Humourous things

I am still trying to think of humorous things that have happened in the past – just stupid things happen when you are in your 70’s but some are worth a good laugh.

Did you ever go to church and get a little bored so start counting the spots on the floor and notice your shoes are on the wrong feet?  How could I ever walk down that long aisle and not feel that my shoes were on the wrong feet?

Then as you are changing them you accidentally slide it under two rows in front of you.

Shoes feel funny

Did you ever get wrapped up in toilet paper?  The other morning I woke up to the funniest sight, there was a trail of toilet paper from the bathroom to my bed.

It seemed I caught the paper under my gown as I was putting it down.  The light wasn’t on so I didn’t see it. Then every time I turned in my sleep it wrapped around me more.  What a funny sight and surprise when I awoke in the morning. 2/25/93.

Grandma -page 35,36


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