Page 40, Sticken to the order

When you are in your 70’s you do odd things and say odd things.  In the restaurant the other day I ordered “ sticken chur fry and lee kime pie,” (chicken stir fry and key lime pie.)


Wow!  1995 already.
This is about Edward again.  Do you remember when you were about six and I took you Doctor White for your school physical?  He wanted to pull your pants down to examine you.  It took me, the nurses, doctor to try to pull them down and we couldn’t, finally Doctor White was so frustrated he said, “take him to H_ _ _ _  out of here, so I did and you were glad.”

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Page 39, Wrong footed again!

Did I ever tell you about the time I went to church with my shoes on the wrong feet?  I was married to Floyd then and we sat way down the front so that he could hear.

How I never noticed on the wrong feet I’ll never know, I had to walk through the big house to the car then from parking to down the long aisle to the church, and it wasn’t until I was bowing my head in prayer than I noticed them on the wrong feet – this is the second time this happened.

I must get rid of those shoes they were made for both feet!



Page 37,38 The swallowed ring

lostandfoundI was just reading in the paper about a woman that swallowed a diamond ring. It reminded me of the time when I was about seven years old, I took my little brother’s ring and put it on my little finger while lying on my back on the floor.  I put my finger in my mouth and the ring slid down my throat.

I had to poo on a newspaper for three days, but I finally got the ring, washed it, but it never went in my mouth again.

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Not too many fun things happen right now, I have just completed radiation treatment and feel miserable. 3-30-93.

All the previous writings were over a year ago.


My hearing is so bad.  I miss so much of what is said.  My interpretation is worse, like “I didn’t know it was five o’clock” June said.
My interpretation, “I deal like a fadic coch.”

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