Page 37,38 The swallowed ring

lostandfoundI was just reading in the paper about a woman that swallowed a diamond ring. It reminded me of the time when I was about seven years old, I took my little brother’s ring and put it on my little finger while lying on my back on the floor.  I put my finger in my mouth and the ring slid down my throat.

I had to poo on a newspaper for three days, but I finally got the ring, washed it, but it never went in my mouth again.

Page 38

Not too many fun things happen right now, I have just completed radiation treatment and feel miserable. 3-30-93.

All the previous writings were over a year ago.


My hearing is so bad.  I miss so much of what is said.  My interpretation is worse, like “I didn’t know it was five o’clock” June said.
My interpretation, “I deal like a fadic coch.”

Grandma -page 37,38


4 thoughts on “Page 37,38 The swallowed ring

  1. If only people did! Eleanor’s hearing aid must have been good when we travelled to the USA to meet her. I’ve got a broad NZ accent (sounds like Australian) and she understood me ok 🙂
    I found her accent easy to understand too. And then I met one of the other relatives from Georgia who I could not follow at all. There were big long pauses before I replied to him, I tell you 🙂


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