Page 52 Answered prayer

God answers prayer.  I prayed for years that someday I would meet Tara – of course, I didn’t know her name then – I just know that I had a little grand-daughter out there someplace.

I prayed as I was getting older that I would find her or she would find us before I died.

What an exciting day when I heard that she had found her birth father (Edward) and would be visiting soon.  Not only did I meet her in 1992 but also my new great-grandson.  She is a very sweet girl, I thank God good parents adopted her – this is now 1995 and she has another son.

Don’t ever give up on prayer.




Page 50, Childhood in Cheshire

Back in Cheshire we kids had so much fun.  We could stay our after dark and play Hide and Seek, Red Light, tramp for miles through the woods picking flowers for May Day baskets, play Hop-Scotch, Jacks – and with a large ball play a game that you had to do certain things with the ball while singing certain rhymes.  Of course “Cops and Robbers” – everything so good and innocent compared to today.


May Day basket
May Day basket



Page 49, The Depression years

Pop usually got work when we traveled but I remember one time during the depression we came to Florida and he couldn’t find work, so by the time we headed back to Cheshire Massachusetts we were low on money, and Pop saw a building going up in Virginia.

So we camped across the street in the woods and Pop went over and asked for work and he got it. We stayed just long enough to earn enough money to get back home.

The owner of the property that we were on was going to make us leave then he spotted Pop’s Masonic ring so said we could stay but Pop had to dig a deep hole in the ground and put a board across to sit on for our bathroom.

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Page 48 Florida to California

Then a new baby came and Pop decided to go to California so he bought a seven-passenger Studebaker car.  Baby Raymond had a bed swinging from the back seat roof of the car – he was only six weeks old and it took us many days to travel through the desert, no gas stations, restaurants, nothing but terrible heat going through the desert.

Historic Images, Yosemite National Park

I was young but do remember seeing the Yosemite Valley – the petrified forest and really many places interest that right now I can’t think.

We went to Texas, I remember seeing the Alamo.

Oh yes – on to California we visited Yellowstone Park and underground caverns in Virginia. I remember it was pitch dark but the leader had a flash-light and would point formations out – made by nature.  I was very young but I remember a head much like George Washington and formations looking much like strips of bacon and many more.

Studebaker car:

Page 47, Massachusetts to Florida in 1925

I just write these happenings as they come to me.   Some might be current and others happened years ago.  My mother must have been Super Mom.  I remember our trip to Florida from Massachusetts from March 1925 in those days most highways were still dirt roads – no camps or very few to stop at night – there were six of us children the oldest was about eleven. 

We would camp at night, sometimes set up a tent, Mom would cook a meal on some kind of camp stove.  I remember it had to be pumped.  We had canvas cots that unfolded that we slept on.  In those days you had to take everything – clothes, bedding, pillows, food, pots, pans, and dishes in the car along with six kids and Mom and Pop.

In those days you had running boards on the cars so we could put things in duffle bags and keep them there by a gate.  I do remember one duffle bag dragged for miles and we lost many of our clothes.

Sometimes we would not put up the tent, we would all just sleep out under the stars.  We would bathe in brooks along the way.  What fun it was for we kids but I don’t know how Mom could do it.

Massachusetts to Florida

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Page 44, My love story

What a Happy Day, my marriage to Lloyd Hair.

I knew Lloyd at church for about four years but never really talked to him or became acquainted.  He had a wife then, but I did notice for an older man he was a very neat sharp dresser. 

His wife died in 1978 and he moved in for a while with his daughter as he wasn’t very well and was grieving the death.  In 1979 his daughter said isn’t there someone at church you would like to go out to dinner with?  He couldn’t think of anyone.

Lloyd and Eleanor, Wedding Day

In May of 1979, she said “we are going out to the Dinner Theatre, isn’t there someone you would like to ask to go?  You say the church is full of widows.”

He said “Well maybe just one,” and he mentioned me.

She said, “Well call her.”  He did call.  I had to think it over a couple of days then I thought “a family affair, I’ll be safe.”

Four of us were crowded in the back seat and I thought “oh the old fogie, he doesn’t need to sit that close.”  Well, the dinner and movie was nice so after that he called a couple of times a week but I always refused, then two months later July 4th he asked if I’d like to go to his Grand-daughter of the family for a cook-out.  I thought “oh well family affair – I’m safe.”

One day he told me he could pick me up at work and bring me home as about that time he would go to his home in Belle Vista to water plants etc.  So we got to know one another and every day until I stopped work he would be at Majestic Towers to bring me home.

Then in October, he asked me to marry him and go to Germany on our honeymoon.

I said I wasn’t ready to marry as I enjoyed my freedom and my work.  I told him I was going to Massachusetts as I hadn’t been home for ten years so he went to Germany.

I went to Massachusetts.  All of a sudden I missed that man so much, so I told all my friends and relations that I was going back and marry him.  When I got to Florida I told everyone here and at work I was getting married – but Lloyd didn’t return from Germany when he said he would.

I got panicky because I told everyone from Massachusetts to Florida that I was getting married and I thought his son James was keeping him in Germany and maybe even finding someone there for him.

Well, he did come back (late) and proposed again. Believe me, I didn’t waste any time saying yes.  The quickest decision I ever made and the very best.  So much love we had for one another.  He is still missed very much.  March 12, 1995.

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Page 42 The spatula, hearing aid and suppository

1209433-Cartoon-Of-A-Thinking-Spatula-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationDo you remember when I’d get after you (Bobby) with the pancake turner and you would crawl under the bed so I’d get the broom and poke you – I guess HRS would put me in jail or take you away from me now.

Well, your mother is finally getting a hearing aid.  I hope I don’t do what another little old lady did – a couple of days after having the hearing aid she called the audiologist and said she didn’t know what was wrong with it but she couldn’t hear so he told her to come in.  She went, he said get up on the table and let me take a look at your ear. 0511-0809-2616-2969_Old_Woman_Holding_an_Ear_Trumpet_Clipart_clipart_image

After looking he said, “all that I can see is a suppository in your ear.”

She said “Oh!  Now I know where my hearing aid is!”

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Page 41 Bobby, worry and the Beach Theatre

The years are going by so fast.  I don’t think I’ll ever live long enough to fill the book.

Bobby – I think I always knew where you were or where you were going even all through High School, but one night you and Richard Leatherbury were going to the Beach Theater – but when 10 o’clock came and you were not home I was worried because you had never been late.

At 11pm I called Leatherbury’s, no answer.  12pm still not home so I went out looking, didn’t see anyone.  1am was just getting ready to call the police when you walked in – this was when you were in High School because you were driving.  You decided to go to a drive-in instead of Beach Theatre.  I really yelled at you for that.

St Pete Beach Theatre
Beach Theatre in St Pete Beach, Florida.  It ran for 72 years – opened in 1940, closed in 2012.