Page 42 The spatula, hearing aid and suppository

1209433-Cartoon-Of-A-Thinking-Spatula-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationDo you remember when I’d get after you (Bobby) with the pancake turner and you would crawl under the bed so I’d get the broom and poke you – I guess HRS would put me in jail or take you away from me now.

Well, your mother is finally getting a hearing aid.  I hope I don’t do what another little old lady did – a couple of days after having the hearing aid she called the audiologist and said she didn’t know what was wrong with it but she couldn’t hear so he told her to come in.  She went, he said get up on the table and let me take a look at your ear. 0511-0809-2616-2969_Old_Woman_Holding_an_Ear_Trumpet_Clipart_clipart_image

After looking he said, “all that I can see is a suppository in your ear.”

She said “Oh!  Now I know where my hearing aid is!”

Granma -page 41,42


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