Page 44, My love story

What a Happy Day, my marriage to Lloyd Hair.

I knew Lloyd at church for about four years but never really talked to him or became acquainted.  He had a wife then, but I did notice for an older man he was a very neat sharp dresser. 

His wife died in 1978 and he moved in for a while with his daughter as he wasn’t very well and was grieving the death.  In 1979 his daughter said isn’t there someone at church you would like to go out to dinner with?  He couldn’t think of anyone.

Lloyd and Eleanor, Wedding Day

In May of 1979, she said “we are going out to the Dinner Theatre, isn’t there someone you would like to ask to go?  You say the church is full of widows.”

He said “Well maybe just one,” and he mentioned me.

She said, “Well call her.”  He did call.  I had to think it over a couple of days then I thought “a family affair, I’ll be safe.”

Four of us were crowded in the back seat and I thought “oh the old fogie, he doesn’t need to sit that close.”  Well, the dinner and movie was nice so after that he called a couple of times a week but I always refused, then two months later July 4th he asked if I’d like to go to his Grand-daughter of the family for a cook-out.  I thought “oh well family affair – I’m safe.”

One day he told me he could pick me up at work and bring me home as about that time he would go to his home in Belle Vista to water plants etc.  So we got to know one another and every day until I stopped work he would be at Majestic Towers to bring me home.

Then in October, he asked me to marry him and go to Germany on our honeymoon.

I said I wasn’t ready to marry as I enjoyed my freedom and my work.  I told him I was going to Massachusetts as I hadn’t been home for ten years so he went to Germany.

I went to Massachusetts.  All of a sudden I missed that man so much, so I told all my friends and relations that I was going back and marry him.  When I got to Florida I told everyone here and at work I was getting married – but Lloyd didn’t return from Germany when he said he would.

I got panicky because I told everyone from Massachusetts to Florida that I was getting married and I thought his son James was keeping him in Germany and maybe even finding someone there for him.

Well, he did come back (late) and proposed again. Believe me, I didn’t waste any time saying yes.  The quickest decision I ever made and the very best.  So much love we had for one another.  He is still missed very much.  March 12, 1995.

Granma -page 43,44

Granma -page 45,46


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