Page 47, Massachusetts to Florida in 1925

I just write these happenings as they come to me.   Some might be current and others happened years ago.  My mother must have been Super Mom.  I remember our trip to Florida from Massachusetts from March 1925 in those days most highways were still dirt roads – no camps or very few to stop at night – there were six of us children the oldest was about eleven. 

We would camp at night, sometimes set up a tent, Mom would cook a meal on some kind of camp stove.  I remember it had to be pumped.  We had canvas cots that unfolded that we slept on.  In those days you had to take everything – clothes, bedding, pillows, food, pots, pans, and dishes in the car along with six kids and Mom and Pop.

In those days you had running boards on the cars so we could put things in duffle bags and keep them there by a gate.  I do remember one duffle bag dragged for miles and we lost many of our clothes.

Sometimes we would not put up the tent, we would all just sleep out under the stars.  We would bathe in brooks along the way.  What fun it was for we kids but I don’t know how Mom could do it.

Massachusetts to Florida

Granma -page 49,50


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