Page 48 Florida to California

Then a new baby came and Pop decided to go to California so he bought a seven-passenger Studebaker car.  Baby Raymond had a bed swinging from the back seat roof of the car – he was only six weeks old and it took us many days to travel through the desert, no gas stations, restaurants, nothing but terrible heat going through the desert.

Historic Images, Yosemite National Park

I was young but do remember seeing the Yosemite Valley – the petrified forest and really many places interest that right now I can’t think.

We went to Texas, I remember seeing the Alamo.

Oh yes – on to California we visited Yellowstone Park and underground caverns in Virginia. I remember it was pitch dark but the leader had a flash-light and would point formations out – made by nature.  I was very young but I remember a head much like George Washington and formations looking much like strips of bacon and many more.

Studebaker car:


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