Page 64, 1996 Olympic Torch relay

trchrelyJuly 4 – Got up this AM at 5AM, didn’t want to miss the Olympic Torch-bearers going along Gulf Boulevard.  I left the apartment at 6AM and didn’t see a soul going.  I thought if it is such a big deal where is everyone?

Well, I found out everyone was already along Gulf Boulevard two-deep as far in either direction you could see.  It was kind of exciting.

Another thing you children miss is knowing all of your cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  As a little girl, I can remember that so many of our relatives would spend weekends visiting us.  Mom would cook such luscious meals and we would have such a good time with many cousins.

Grandma, page 64


Page 61,62 Ice Skating

ice skatesBobby, do you remember Connecticut?  Of course you don’t.  I would put you in the carriage, I’d take my ice skates and park you by the pond and I would ice skate.  When you were older I bought you and Ronny a pair and we would skate together, do you remember that?

Another thing you children miss that was so much fun, and that was skidding down the bannister – we had a nice long one in the home where I was born.

When I was in Junior High to earn money in the summer we would walk three miles to pick strawberries for 2 cents a quart.  We would pick all day, make $3.00 at the most but that was good pay then, and fun with other friends.

After we sold the home that I was born in we moved to the other side of town.  Down the street was a big grist mill.  Many times we kids would play in the mill, they had big bins where wheat, oats and such would be stored.  I think they shipped it our from there to feed animals.  Sometimes if we got hungry while playing we would grab a hand full of oats and eat it, I think now I’m sure rats and who knows what crawled in it, but it didn’t seem to hurt us.

Grandma, page 61-62



Page 60 Fun in the snow

Berkshire Mountains snowWhen I was in Junior High the winter weekends were fun – we the neighbor kids would play Fox & Hound – we would choose sides. So many Foxes and as many Hounds.

The Fox would start out ahead of time, tramp all through the snow through the woods and the Hounds were supposed to find us. The game would last all day or until the hounds found us.  What good clean fun.

It could be only 10 above 0 degrees but we never got cold.  Sometimes the snow would be deep in places and go over the top and inside our arctics (over-shoes.)  We wore big woolen socks, wool scarves around our necks and wool mittens.

Sometimes I think you miss so much by being brought up in Florida.

Grandma, page 59-60

Page 59, The way I start my day

Coffee and BibleI sit early in the morn with my breakfast, coffee and my Bible.  God is good to me.

Ronaele by the time you read this I pray that you will be back with all the family attending church and serving the Lord.

Four kids and the sudden end to our fun ride

When I was about five or so my brother rigged up a wagon.  We all took it up the hill and got in the seats and were set for a fun ride, we started going so fast and the improvised brake didn’t work so my brother steered it into the bank.  Four of us went flying over his head into the bank, no serious injuries.

It was fun while it lasted.