Page 61,62 Ice Skating

ice skatesBobby, do you remember Connecticut?  Of course you don’t.  I would put you in the carriage, I’d take my ice skates and park you by the pond and I would ice skate.  When you were older I bought you and Ronny a pair and we would skate together, do you remember that?

Another thing you children miss that was so much fun, and that was skidding down the bannister – we had a nice long one in the home where I was born.

When I was in Junior High to earn money in the summer we would walk three miles to pick strawberries for 2 cents a quart.  We would pick all day, make $3.00 at the most but that was good pay then, and fun with other friends.

After we sold the home that I was born in we moved to the other side of town.  Down the street was a big grist mill.  Many times we kids would play in the mill, they had big bins where wheat, oats and such would be stored.  I think they shipped it our from there to feed animals.  Sometimes if we got hungry while playing we would grab a hand full of oats and eat it, I think now I’m sure rats and who knows what crawled in it, but it didn’t seem to hurt us.

Grandma, page 61-62




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