Page 68, Bobby

June 1997

Just sitting here on my porch at 8:30AM and thinking and the thought came to me about you Bobby, the day your father and I took you to Gainesville to enter college. 

I was never one to show my feelings but I felt so bad leaving you there that I was so relieved when you came back. My little boy leaving home, how sad.

Feb 1997 – 28th

porch press

I got up at six AM, showered dressed and went for a walk down the beach.  The sun was just coming up, the weather was so nice.  I noticed my paper wasn’t by my door as it usually is at that hour so thought he hadn’t come, but the other people had paper by their door.

About an hour later I noticed the paper by my chair on the porch. I have absolutely no recollections of bringing in the paper. Then the thought came to me that the door wasn’t locked when I went for a walk, but passed that off that we forgot to lock it before going to bed.

I must have got the paper in my sleep.  I know I’m forgetful but not that forgetful.  Is this the beginning of Alzheimers?

Grandma, page 68


Page 65 Wading through a flood

Mon Oct 7, 1996.

PIC_0326Well, I guess I’m slowing also forgetful. This is the second thing to write about.  What do you think of your 77 year old mother wading around the beach in knee-deep water and sometimes almost up to my derriere. Of all the forty-eight years being here, water has never gone all the way up 21st and 72 Ave.

Well it sure was fun wading with all the teenagers at 10pm.  One young boy was so nice, he kept saying “are you alright, now be careful.”  This day and age you don’t usually see young people so concerned.

Bye bye, it was a wading good time.

Grandma, page 65-66

Nov 13 1996

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately of the many many times I felt God’s leading in my life.