Page 75 The TV remote and the fall in the tub

I don’t have too many funny things happen anymore.  Maybe this is as I can laugh about it now. 

I’m listening to the TV and wanted the sound louder.  I told June I guess I’ll just call the TV man.  I keep pushing the loud button and it gets softer every time, it’s just working backwards – that is so odd, how could it do that?  Easy if you hold the remote upside down!


May 7 2005 – The day I fell in the tub.  Praise God I didn’t even get hurt – just a few black and blue spots.  I was bracing myself by the bathroom sink putting out on my panties, lost my blalance and landed at the foor of the tub.  I think the shower curtain helped.  I felt my head bang on the wall.  My bottom hit the bottom of the tub.  My left shoulder landed on the side of the tub – but was in an odd position and had to do some skidding on my bottom to get a hold of the bar.

Granma -page 75,76


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