Page 77 A fright one night

Cartoon Scared Grandma Running Vector IllustrationMay 28, 2005

This happened about four years ago, but thought of it now, as I do so little these days I have nothing to write about.

The night someone was breaking into our apartment.   I was ever so scared, all that I could think of was a home invasion that we were hearing on the news so much about. 

All of a sudden we heard a noise at the door, June said “someone is trying to unlock the door,” then the noise got louder and louder.  June called the police, I yelled “June they are breaking in” as I headed to the bedroom to jump put the window.

gg56822818The police told June to stay on the phone and they would be right there.  Two police came – all they saw was two board members washing down the walls.  The board members were surprised because these two policmen walked up with their hands on their holsters.

It all ended OK the board members weren’t arrested, we weren’t robbed or killed, the police went away smiling.  11PM night night.

Ronaele I just wrote a five pageletter to you but didn’t like what I wrote so put it in the shredder.  Will send the next one before I shred it.

Granma -page 77,78

2 thoughts on “Page 77 A fright one night

    1. That’s the same question I asked Bert, my husband and Eleanor’s grandson. He thought it might have been because it was too hot during the day? It gets a lot hotter where she was in Florida than where we are in NZ. I wish I could ask Grandma.


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