Page 78-80 Believe in prayer

Summer 2008

This wasn’t funny then but now as I think about it, it is funny.  I was falling a lot that year.  This day I was going to empty the bathroom canister, I usually stand up and bend over but this day I said I’ll play it safe, I’ll sit in the toilet seat and when I reached for the canister, I slid off the seat, hit the side of the tub.

It sent a terrible pain in my shoulder-blade and I let out a loud cry.  June called 911.  What a sight I must have been wedged between the toilet and tub, shower curtain all around me and the shower bar landed on my head.

The ambulance took me to emergency because I had a terrible pain from my left shoulder all the way down my arm to my wrist.  So I prayed that God would stop the pain.

The following week I fell again in the kitchen flat on my back, the pain went away immediately. It never came back.

Ronnie Isaacson, 4 years old
Daughter Ronaele Issacson, healed of epilepsy

God is a prayer answering God.

I’ve always believed in prayer ever since Ronaele as a young girl was having petite mal epilepsy attacks every five minutes. 

The Church said let’s pray around the clock for Ronnie.  Someone made a huge clock out of poster board and people signed the hour and minutes they would pray until the clock was filled with someone praying.

In a matter of three weeks I noticed she wasn’t having spells quite as often.  In a couple of months she didn’t have any more.  How can one not believe in prayer?

Granma -page 79,80

A note from the Blogger:

This is the last page of the Nothing Book.  Ronnie, my mother-in-law, is the little girl healed of epilepsy.  In 1974 Ronnie and her children followed her former husband Doug to New Zealand.  She now lives between Te Puke and Rotorua on a deer farm. 

Ronaele (Ronnie) is named after her mother Eleanor, her name is Eleanor spelled backwards.  They’re both wonderful women.

Ronnie gave me “The Nothing Book” to publish because I have published my own book “The Kingdom, Here Be Bragons, Here Be Dreams” which Eleanor appears in.  It shows what happens when you believe in prayer.  You can get the book here.

I am Joanne, Eleanor’s NZ granddaughter by marriage.  I got to know Ronnie’s son Bert in 2002, we married in 2004 and I met Eleanor in 2008.

Eleanor passed away on the 21st July 2017.  Our American famly were going to break the news to us on the morning of Monday the 24th.  But when they rang, we already knew.  I found out on Sunday July 23rd after finishing Page 23 in her book, about her first marriage and rejection as a young bride.

I couldn’t get her off my mind that day, after reading that.  Then I was led to her funeral notice, which had just gone up on the Tampa Bay Times when we read it.  It’s like Grandma and the Lord wanted us to know she’d gone to be with Him.

I’m so glad we made it to the US to meet her in 2008.  Eleanor hadn’t seen her grandson since 1974.  New Zealand is literally at the ends of the earth, and it’s very expensive for us to travel anywhere.  Although we had enough for the airfares, we did not have enough for anything else.  After praying, we were given an accomodation package, which enabled us to go.

Eleanor’s Nothing Book ends with the question, how can one not believe in prayer?  It’s a question I also ask.

Thanks for reading “The Nothing Book” and I hope you enjoyed it.  If you want to see some video’s of Eleanor reading from her Nothing Book, click here, Videos.



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