Notes, the 1920’s

The Morning started with Teacher saying “Good Morning Class.” Then class “Good Morning Teacher,” then a short Bible reading, then salute the flag, then sing “America the Beautiful.”

Then – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, History, Geography.  We had to learn the name of each state, their capital, their main product, important river, mountain.  A special teacher was had for music and writing we had to practice (it is hard to remember).

Growing up, What Fun We Had

Before the last two were born there six of us all about 1-and-1/2 years apart.  The oldest was my brother Wilmarth and he would take us walking up one side of the mountain.  We never got lost and came back the other side.  We would be gone for hours.

May Day basketOn May Day we would go in the woods and pick wildflowers and make baksets out of wallpaper and hang them on neighbour’s door knobs.

On weekends so many relatives and cousins would come.  We would play in the brook and go across the road in the pasture and throw cow plops at each other.

I remember on weekends after we and all the cousins were supposed to be in bed, the aunts and uncles would play the Victrola and roll up the parlor rug and dance.

Victrola cropped

Then Pop would always take us in the woods to pick wild blueberries, blackberries for Mum to can.  We had plenty for the winter.

Things weren’t easy in those days.  Mom had two galvanized tubs and a scrubbing board and oodles of clothes to wash, hand them outside on a line in winter and summer and heat all the water in an old black iron cook wood stove, then iron all the clothes by heating flat-irons on the wood cook stove.  

We had our usual bath and head washed every Saturday night.  Floyd and I we were put together in the galvanized wash tub near the kitchen stove.  Then Pop remodeled the house he built on rooms – had a bathtub, sink, and toilet.  No more going to the outhouse out back and no more potties under the bed to use during the night – and better still not having to go down the stairs and empty it in the outhouse on cold mornings.

I loved going to school and by the third grade, I decided I would be a school teacher no higher than 2nd grade.

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