Page 73, 1998 – 1999 Healing from Melanoma

1998 – The year went by so quickly I didn’t write a thing.

1999 Here it is April 1999 and I haven’t written a thing.  I must thank the Lord and praise Him and I do for answered prayer and His power to heal, but you have to really have the faith and belief.

In 1998 the Doctor said the biopsy showed that my Melanoma had come back.  I called many friends to pray for heaing and I was put on the prayer list of several churches.  In April 1999 the biopsy was negative. I do not have to see the Surgeon for six months.

Praise His Name. Psalm 98:1 Sing unto the Lord a new song for He has done great things.

Psalm 98-1, Etsy-com

Granma, page 73

Page 69, Reminiscing

August 1997, it is now 6am.  I am sitting on the porch awaiting for daylight so I can start my walk on the beach.

The home where I was born, Cheshire Massachusetts
The home where I was born, West mountain Road, Cheshire Massachusetts

I was just reminiscing about when I was a little girl we lived in this big house in Cheshire Massachusetts.

We all slept upstairs, no heat in our bedroom, so if it was zero degrees outside it was about zero inside, but I remember we had big soft ticks over our mattresses.  We would sink down it in and have a feather tick over us with many quilts on top.  When we got up we would scurry downstairs and dress by the pot belly stove, that’s how I backed my little bare bottom to it and blistered it real good.  I had to sit on feather pillows for weeks.

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Sure didn’t write much in 1997.

Grandma, page 69-70

Page 68, Bobby

June 1997

Just sitting here on my porch at 8:30AM and thinking and the thought came to me about you Bobby, the day your father and I took you to Gainesville to enter college. 

I was never one to show my feelings but I felt so bad leaving you there that I was so relieved when you came back. My little boy leaving home, how sad.

Feb 1997 – 28th

porch press

I got up at six AM, showered dressed and went for a walk down the beach.  The sun was just coming up, the weather was so nice.  I noticed my paper wasn’t by my door as it usually is at that hour so thought he hadn’t come, but the other people had paper by their door.

About an hour later I noticed the paper by my chair on the porch. I have absolutely no recollections of bringing in the paper. Then the thought came to me that the door wasn’t locked when I went for a walk, but passed that off that we forgot to lock it before going to bed.

I must have got the paper in my sleep.  I know I’m forgetful but not that forgetful.  Is this the beginning of Alzheimers?

Grandma, page 68

Page 65 Wading through a flood

Mon Oct 7, 1996.

PIC_0326Well, I guess I’m slowing also forgetful. This is the second thing to write about.  What do you think of your 77 year old mother wading around the beach in knee-deep water and sometimes almost up to my derriere. Of all the forty-eight years being here, water has never gone all the way up 21st and 72 Ave.

Well it sure was fun wading with all the teenagers at 10pm.  One young boy was so nice, he kept saying “are you alright, now be careful.”  This day and age you don’t usually see young people so concerned.

Bye bye, it was a wading good time.

Grandma, page 65-66

Nov 13 1996

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately of the many many times I felt God’s leading in my life.

Page 64, 1996 Olympic Torch relay

trchrelyJuly 4 – Got up this AM at 5AM, didn’t want to miss the Olympic Torch-bearers going along Gulf Boulevard.  I left the apartment at 6AM and didn’t see a soul going.  I thought if it is such a big deal where is everyone?

Well, I found out everyone was already along Gulf Boulevard two-deep as far in either direction you could see.  It was kind of exciting.

Another thing you children miss is knowing all of your cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  As a little girl, I can remember that so many of our relatives would spend weekends visiting us.  Mom would cook such luscious meals and we would have such a good time with many cousins.

Grandma, page 64


Page 59, The way I start my day

Coffee and BibleI sit early in the morn with my breakfast, coffee and my Bible.  God is good to me.

Ronaele by the time you read this I pray that you will be back with all the family attending church and serving the Lord.

Four kids and the sudden end to our fun ride

When I was about five or so my brother rigged up a wagon.  We all took it up the hill and got in the seats and were set for a fun ride, we started going so fast and the improvised brake didn’t work so my brother steered it into the bank.  Four of us went flying over his head into the bank, no serious injuries.

It was fun while it lasted.

Page 58 Cataract surgery

Aug 1995 – I just had my cataract in-plant.  It is a little difficult seeing right now as my eye has a cover on it and my other eye I can see only light, no objects – not TV or reading. 

This is the next day, my cover is off.  What a difference.  My carpet that looked a dingy gray is now a pretty blue, and flowers and clothes are more colorful.

Old age is surely creeping up.  I am so content to sit most of the day in my little white chair on the porch watching the birds, lizards, once in a while a butterfly and tame egret that strolls past my window often.

Grandma, page 57-58

Page 57 Mannequins and mistakes

As I was growing up no one ever locked doors day or night – summer nights you could sleep with the screen door unlocked and the inside door open.

Mannequin1995 – I stopped in Sears with a friend the other day and asked this real pretty sales lady that was leaning over a desk looking at two sales-people across the aisle – I asked, “could you tell me what direction women’s shoes are?”

She didn’t answer, I looked closer and saw that it was a mannequin.  These things happen when one gets old and eyes are weak – I decided then that I must have my cataracts off.


Page 53 Home-birth (1930’s) and an embarrassing moment (1990’s)

When I was about twelve I wasn’t quite sure how babies got there but I knew where they came from because when my older sister’s baby was being born my sister was on the dining room table downstairs.  We were supposed to be upstairs in bed but right over the table was a register that I could look through and see the whole process.


register cover
Looking through the register


One of my most embarrassing moments

One day several years ago I had a few women from the church for a luncheon.  I asked one of the women if she would like a gliss of ass water.  I was nervous and my tongue got twisted.  I meant a glass of ice water.

Page 52 Answered prayer

God answers prayer.  I prayed for years that someday I would meet Tara – of course, I didn’t know her name then – I just know that I had a little grand-daughter out there someplace.

I prayed as I was getting older that I would find her or she would find us before I died.

What an exciting day when I heard that she had found her birth father (Edward) and would be visiting soon.  Not only did I meet her in 1992 but also my new great-grandson.  She is a very sweet girl, I thank God good parents adopted her – this is now 1995 and she has another son.

Don’t ever give up on prayer.