Edward Axel Isaaksen, Robert Johnson Isaacson

Feb 1st 2010

I’m not writing these things in years as they happened, just as they come to my mind now.

Your Father’s Father’s name was Edward Axel Isaacson … (Isaaksen)

Edward Axel Isaaksen

His mother (your father’s mother’s name) was Hilma Johanson Isaacson.  Your father’s mother died in childbirth when your father was born.  They changed the Swedish names from Isaaksen to Isaacson when they left Sweden and came to America.  He had an older son named after him, Edward Axel, daughter Charlotte, daughter Florence and your father Robert Johnson.  He remarried and had four more children and died at about 54 years of age of diabetes.

Your Father’s Father owned two houses on several acres of land in Wethersfield Connecticut.  He had several businesses.  One was a building wrecker.  He stored all the usable things on his home acreage and people would buy toiletes, sinks, tubs, lumber, doors, windows, nails and many other supplies.  Also a trucking business – collecting raw materials and trucking them to the factory in Hartford Connecticut.

He also owned acreage by the Connecticut River and grew all the vegetables and trucked them to the Farmers Market.  He owned acreage and a house in Agawam Massachusetts and grew acres of strawberries and would ship them to market.

He had many men working for him that got rooms and board and a couple of dollars a week.  He had two houses on Wells Rd in Wethersfield where he and all the men lived.

The other house was a two apartment, one down and one up.  His daughter Florence lived downstairs.  Your father Bob Isaacson worked for his father until he got mad at him and he moved out.


At that time they were putting in a new road and your father got a job running a bulldozer and we had a big house on the road and the workers would board at our house.  That is where your father met me.  He boarded there and he was such a charmer, he started to court me and was always so kind.  Mom thought he was so nice too.  I fell madly in love after he courted me a year and we got married.

We moved to Connecticut on Wells Road in the house upstairs over his sister Florence.

This was the biggest shock of my life.  I put my dress the wrong place and he got so mad he shouted and swore and yelled.  I couldn’t believe that was so good and kind for a year courting me and it went on daily through our marriage.  As I age I believe he was a sick man.

Finally I gave him a countdown.  I said I was leaving him in ten years that was when you children would all finish school and be on your own.  That is what I did.  Your father was working for Archie Porter, Bobby was married, Ronnie was married and you went in the Army.

I left for Michigan with the pretense of visiting Craig Salls a little boy that I took care of from a baby to five years old.  When I got to Michigan I stayed with the Salls and read the ads to get a job in a home caring for children.