Page 18, Saturday night bath time

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We got one bath a week in my younger days.  My Mom had a big round galvanized tub – two at a time got in the tub.  The tub was placed by a big pot-belly stove.  I got out to dry and backed my little rear end into that stove.  I had to sit on pillows for weeks.    

Then Pop put a furnace in the house with registers and then a bathroom inside with a big white tub.  What a luxury in those days.

We even had toilet paper – no more outside toilet using Sears Roebuck catalog, no more putting pee pots under the bed at night and worse yet having to empty them out in the back house every morning.

My children how fortunate to be born in a more modern age.

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Page 19, A dumb mother

I was kind of a young dumb mother when Bobby was born. He was such a handsome little boy that I made the mistake of telling him they mixed him up in the hospital – at my age now I kind of forget just how I told him, but I am sure he can tell you how I told him, because such as that, little children never forget and it affects their whole life.

But he was such a good baby and really MaMa’s little darling for five years. Then I did another dumb thing. Ronnie was born and I turned all my love and attention to her – Your dumb mother.